Young Eagles

If you have an interested in aviation and have never flown in a general aviation airplane, EAA 66 welcomes the opportunity to introduce you to the wonderful world of aviation.  

The Young Eagle program is designed to introduce children, age 11-17 to general aviation.  The program is free of charge thanks to the generosity of our pilots and ground crew. Young Eagle rally depends on our volunteer pilots and good weather; flights may be cancelled without notice.

WHEN: First Sunday of Every Month
WHERE: EAA Chapter 66 House @ Page Field.
Enter via Metro Parkway/Landing View Road. There will be a speaker at the gate to be buzzed/escorted in.
TIME: 8:00 am – 10:30 a m weather permitting

Register here:

For more information about the Young Eagles program, visit the EAA website:

Young Eagle safety guidelines

Thank you for attending our activities.  You are welcome to participate in all ground activities as many times as you wish.  However, the flights are limited to first flights for children 11-17.  For safety reasons, guests are restricted to the building and immediate area.  When airplanes are getting ready to start or coming in, please remain behind the porch line.  If you need to be in “restricted areas”, a volunteer will escort you.

Registration forms are inside the Young Eagle booklets on the desk near the entrance.  Once the registration form is complete-both sides-please tear out the registration form from the booklet and give to a volunteer.  At that time please inform the volunteer if the child has any special needs.  The order in which your child will fly is based on the order we receive your completed form.

Once the paperwork has been completed, the Young Eagle will be given a short introductory ground lesson which will go over the basic principles of the flight and an overview of airplanes typically used for Young Eagle flights.  A lesson on safety measures around airplanes will conclude the ground instruction.

A ground volunteer required to dispatch flights, will introduce Young Eagles to their pilot.  The pilot and ground volunteer will go over specific issues regarding the aircraft used.  It is important for the Young Eagles to listen carefully to these instructions as they will cover how to get in and out of the aircraft, how to use seatbelts, what can and can’t be touched.